Sarangani Writers League Participates in ‘Lit Days, Lit Nights’ Event in Davao


Sarangani Writers League Participates in ‘Lit Days, Lit Nights’ Event in Davao

Members of the Sarangani Writers League (SWL) participated in the two-day event, ‘Lit Days, Lit Nights,’ which was held on April 20-21, 2024, at the Pavilion of La Herencia in Davao City.

This event was designed to foster a love of literature and reading, and served as a vibrant gathering of local writers, publishers, artists, literary enthusiasts, and businesses offering printing services, among others.

‘Lit Days, Lit Nights’ provided a valuable opportunity for attendees to network with key figures in the writing and publishing industry, and to gain a deeper understanding of the literary communities in Mindanao.

Wilfred Dexter Tañedo, the Property Manager and Art Coordinator of La Herencia, expressed his hope that the event would facilitate collaboration among participants and help to cultivate a wider audience for their work.

“Having hosted the LAVA (Literary Arts and Visual Arts) Fest in February to celebrate Arts Month, ‘Lit Days, Lit Nights’ serves as the culmination of our celebration of Literature Month,” said Tañedo.

“With so many writers and literary groups, we aim to provide them with a larger platform, similar to what we have done with Davao Pop Culture Mania, Davao Art Kollective, and LAVA Fest.”

A total of 62 exhibitors graced the event, enriching it with poetry readings, book and zine launches, and vibrant cosplay performances.

Sarangani Writers League Participates in ‘Lit Days, Lit Nights’ Event in Davao

At the gathering, SWL members Kyle Cherifaith Bago, Henri Belimac, and Ross Charlotte Gersava successfully launched and sold their zines.

On the first day of the event, Bago took the opportunity to discuss SWL's mission and advocacy with the attendees. She also introduced her latest zine, “Uhaw,” and offered a glimpse into its content by reading a poem from it.

The event also featured the zines of Carlou Barroca Espedillon and Xaña Angel Eve Apolinar's “Gusto Mag Lupad ni Bangsi,” both of which were showcased and available for purchase.

“We are thankful for the invitation to this event. It’s an opportunity to showcase the emerging literary culture of Sarangani,” said Genory Vanz Alfasain, co-founder and Executive Director of SWL.

Tañedo envisions a future where the discovery of local writers' and artists’ works in the books and zines being read will foster a deeper appreciation and affection for their literature.

He also advocates for the literary community to forge connections, align on shared objectives, and engage in art-centric events akin to those where artists showcase and sell their merchandise.

Above all, Tañedo aspires to inspire budding writers and those with an interest in writing to delve into their craft. This could be in the form of comics, zines, children’s books, novels, or other formats, especially after engaging with a diverse group of writers, zine creators, and publishers.

The gathering is a collaborative effort, organized by La Herencia Davao, in partnership with AlterModerne Events and the Davao Art Kollective.




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