PSA-Sarangani empowers youth with Voice Artistry at 'Voiceworx by CVAP'


PSA-Sarangani Empowers Youth with Voice Artistry at "Voiceworx by CVAP"

To bolster its campaigns and advocacy efforts, the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) Sarangani recently introduced its programs to youth through a day-long workshop to hone voice artistry skills.

Supported by PSA-Sarangani, Batch 4 of VoiceWorx by CVAP (VBC), a voice acting workshop facilitated by Certified Voice Artist Philippines, Inc. (CVAP Inc.) and Voice of the Youth Network (VOTY), took place on Saturday, June 29, 2024, at PSA Sarangani Provincial Office.

CVAP Inc. and VOTY are organizations dedicated to Filipino voice artists and young volunteers in the Philippines, that aim to encourage Filipino youth to explore and master the art of voice acting, utilizing their voices in various impactful ways.

The workshop featured simulations and script reading exercises incorporating PSA's information dissemination materials, highlighting programs such as the nationwide Census on Population and Community-Based Monitoring System (CBMS), scheduled this July across the country, including Sarangani Province and General Santos City.

Participants of the CVAP Inc., VOTY, and PSA-Sarangani workshop are expected to contribute to broader public information campaigns using platforms like TikTok, and Facebook, among others.

Carla Fusilero, Senior Statistical Officer of PSA Sarangani, emphasized that this initiative reflects PSA's continuous efforts to inform the public about its activities, especially the census, ensuring accurate data for tailored government services and benefits.

"This is a household data collection, data gathering, and geotagging of houses this coming July 15," Fusilero explained.

The VBC workshop allowed youth to enhance their talents while allowing PSA to engage them in its programs by breathing life into their information and educational campaign (IEC) materials.

“We really have to explore other means of promoting our activities kasi we also have to observe the changes sa time. Kasi ngayon digital age na tayo, and I'm sure the youth, kayo, meron kayong participation, hindi lang yung ating mga elders, at tsaka yung mga nasa government. Even kayo mga youth, meron kayong pwedeng iambag, and this is one of those activities na pwede kayong magcontribute, which is information dissemination," Fusilero said.

Harlem Jude Ferolino, VBC head trainer and VOTY Executive Director, stressed the role of voices in promoting positive social change, imparting knowledge and information, inspiring participation, and strengthening advocacy.

PSA-Sarangani Empowers Youth with Voice Artistry at 'Voiceworx by CVAP'

Participants learned various voiceover techniques for commercials and public service announcements for radio, TV, and digital platforms, as well as character voices for animation, audio dramas, games, and dubbing for films and television.

The outputs from the script-reading exercises will be shared on the Facebook pages of Voiceoworx by CVAP (VBC), Voice of the Youth Network, Certified Voice Artist Program, Certified Voice Artist Philippines Inc., JCI General Santos "Twin Star," and PSA Sarangani.

In the coming days, a TikTok Voiceover Challenge will be launched to further engage the public in promoting government programs. Graduates of the VBC workshop received full scholarships for online training with the Certified Voice Artist Program, offering certification as Certified Voice Artists upon completion of the four-week training alongside other Filipino aspirants worldwide. (Voice of the Youth Network)


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