Soccsksargen Coffee Farmers Emerge as Top Winners at PCQC 2024

 Soccsksargen Coffee Farmers Emerge as Top Winners at PCQC 2024

In a remarkable display of agricultural prowess, five coffee farmer-processors from the Soccsksargen region clinched top honors at the prestigious Philippine Coffee Quality Competition (PCQC) 2024.

The announcement of winners was made during the culmination program of the Philippine Coffee Expo, which was conducted at ONE Ayala, Makati City, on Sunday, June 9, 2024.

This year's competition saw Region 12 emerge as a powerhouse in coffee quality. Sultan Kudarat's Robusta coffee entrants amazed the judges, securing four awards out of top twelve entries. Cotabato province's Arabica variety also made a strong impression, with one entry earning accolades.

Leading the pack were the Basco brothers, Rey John and Roan, who achieved first and second place with impressive scores of 86.45 and 86.43, respectively. Followed by Denz Bert Deramos and Orlando Bayudan earned the fifth with 84.85 score and sixth spot with 84.68.

Adding to the region's triumph, Ylaine Joyce Giangan of Makilala, Cotabato, secured the sixth position in the Arabica category with an 83.94 score.

Rey John was also recognized as the sole winner in the Robusta coffee processing category for his natural processing method.

Soccsksargen Coffee Farmers Emerge as Top Winners at PCQC 2024

“This award represents a milestone not just for us, the dedicated coffee farmers, but it also serves to elevate the stature of Sultan Kudarat’s coffee on a broader scale. The accolade bestowed upon us by the PCQC is instrumental in broadening our market reach and promoting the distinct flavors of Soccsksargen’s coffee,” Rey John said.

“Above all, this honor serves as a beacon of inspiration, encouraging a new generation of farmers to embrace the competition and strive for excellence in coffee production.”

Rey John excels as a farmer, and his expertise extends to being a certified Q Robusta Grader and Q Processor. He stands out among the young farmers in his community as a passionate advocate for high-quality coffee.

He was also honored with the CQI Merit Award at the 2023 Philippine Coffee Expo's closing ceremony. He was recognized as an "Exceptional Coffee Processor" for his significant contributions to the Philippine coffee sector. Basco was among the Q Professionals who received this prestigious award.

Notably, Deramos is a national qualifier for the 2023 Young Farmers Challenge (YFC) in the production category. Giangan has been recognized as a regional winner in the processing category, further highlighting the region's commitment to excellence in coffee farming and processing.

Sultan Kudarat Governor Datu Pax Ali S. Mangudadatu graced the event to support the coffee farmers who participated in the coffee quality competition.

He is “happy and proud” that the province has finally secured the top spot for PCQC 2024. This achievement highlights the farmers’ exceptional performance and passion for the local coffee industry.

He expressed that this recognition will greatly enhance the visibility of Sultan Kudarat’s coffee at the prominent national coffee event. He extends his gratitude to all the participating farmers and stakeholders. Governor Mangudadatu reaffirms his unwavering 100% support for the coffee industry.

The recognition at PCQC 2024 underscores Soccsksargen’s role as a leader in the Philippine coffee industry, promising a rich future for the nation's coffee culture.

Soccsksargen Coffee Farmers Emerge as Top Winners at PCQC 2024
Celebratory mood at the Sultan Kudarat booth in the Philippine Coffee Expo 2024 | photo by PHILIA Business Center 

All four top winners came from the Municipality of Senator Ninoy Aquino, locally known as Kulaman. According to data from the Philippine Statistics Authority for 2021, Sultan Kudarat province is the top coffee producer in the Philippines, accounting for 35 percent of the country's total coffee production.

The region is actively vying for the title of “Coffee Capital of the Philippines” through the concerted efforts of various agencies and local government units, including the Provincial Government of Sultan Kudarat, which are all pushing this initiative forward.

The PCQC is an annual event that is aimed at identifying and promoting the best quality coffees in the country to encourage producers to improve their coffee quality and to promote these to domestic and international markets. It is conducted with the support from government, the private sector, and donor-funded projects.

PCQC wants to see the best of the best coffees in the Philippines by performing evaluations aligned with grading and profiling protocols Coffee Quality Institute. It also aims to make our Philippine coffee known in the local and international markets.

The announcement of the PCQC winners took place at the culmination program of the PCE) 2024, held from June 7-9, 2024. It was a three-day event that gathered coffee enthusiasts and industry stakeholders, featuring the latest products, emerging trends, and insights from international coffee experts.

The Philippine Coffee Guild (PCG) successfully organized the expo, attracting over 1,000 attendees to the Kape’t Kwentuhan Series, more than 70 exhibitors, and nearly 8,000 industry stakeholders.

During the expo, various activities were available, all aimed at nurturing a dynamic network among coffee experts both locally and internationally. The agenda was packed with highlights such as Kape’t Kwentuhan (Coffee Talks), a Coffee Exhibition, sessions for Business Matching and Product Demonstrations, a Roasters-Producers Forum, and Cupping Rooms for tasting.

Additionally, the expo was brightened by competitions like the Duo Latte Art Challenge, the Signature Coffee Beverage Challenge, and the Fine Robusta Brewing Contest. The grand finale featured the much-anticipated Philippine Coffee Quality Competition Awards, celebrating the pinnacle of coffee excellence.




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